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| D-Raww |

     Derrick Mullen, better known by his stage name, D-Raww,  is an American rapper; currently one of the hottest newcomers in the Houston area.  Since the age of 13, D-Raww has been spitting bars.  He got his first 100 views on Soundcloud and realized his passion would take him beyond just witty rhymes and freestyling, at the lunch table.  D-Raww is most inspired by Drake and is awaiting the moment he will get the chance to be mentored, by the Canadian, multi-platinum rapper. 

     D-Raww is not a stranger to the industry, himself.  He’s been spotted with several artists such as Sauce Crazy, Soulja Boy, Lil Key, Trippi Redd, and Skipper the Flipper, to name a few.  Fans compare his style to artists such as Key Glock, Rolls Rodriguez, and Gunna.

     In May 2019, after dropping his debut album “Counted Out”, D-Raww grabbed the attention of Shawn Cotton, founder of Say Cheese.  Cotton quoted lyrics to a song, on the album entitled “Forever”.  When asked why he titled his album, “Counted Out”, D-Raww explained that it was how he felt.  “I’ve been to label meetings, I’ve been in front of big people, and I just felt like they counted me out.”  After such encounters, D-Raww would leave the meetings, put on headphones, and vent it out. 

     He’s driven by his talent and the people who depend on him; it keeps him hungry and motivated to work diligently at putting out good music; music that helps his fans feel.  “I want them to feel how I was feeling, at that time.  If I’m feeling the pain of what I have been holding in, I would hope the listener could feel it.  I don’t make music to have people feel anything in particular.  Just feel how you feel and relate however you relate!”  Whether it turns you up, or lift you up, D-Raww says the music needs to be on your playlist.  It’s not just music, but a way to know the man behind the masterpieces, fire, and underrated music.

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| Music Videos |

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