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Jeremy ‘SGT J’ Blackwell, is an American record producer. Born in Tyler, TX, and raised in Texarkana, TX, Blackwell grew up as the son of a pastor (father) and homemaker/entrepreneur (mother). He has two brothers, who are also musically inclined. 

Blackwell attended Texas A&M University-Commerce and studied Sociology. He started making music over ten years ago and experienced mainstream success in 2021 with the popularity of his production for many notable Houston artists including Slim Thug, Bun B, Riff Raff & most notably Erica Banks' viral sensation ‘Buss It’ ft. Travis Scott on the remix. 

Blackwell’s musical influences as a record producer are Kanye West, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Sgt. B, and BeatKing.

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| Featured Videos |

1501 Certified Entertainment Official Youtube Channel
Erica Banks - Buss It
Prod. by Sgt. J
D-Raww - YNH ft. Guapo
Prod. by Sgt. J
Erica Banks - Toot That
Prod. by Sgt. J
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