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| Headquarters |

Houston, TX

| Mission Statement|

1501 Certified Entertainment values passion and hard work. 

We are committed to artistic individuality and sustainability. 

We work with artists that have raw talent and a genuine desire to succeed. 

Our mission is to develop their talent and give them an opportunity to share their art. 

| CEO & Founder |


Carl Crawford

Former MLB player, Carl Crawford, first thought of starting a record label, back in 2010. 

After his retirement in 2016, he began to execute his master-plan. 

Crawford started 1501 Certified Entertainment, with the intention to give undiscovered and underprivileged artists an opportunity to grow and shine.

| Contact Us|

207 Reinerman St.

Houston, TX 77007

| Join the Family|

If you're interested in becoming a part of the 1501 Certified Entertainment family, click here, to view our employment and internship opportunities.

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